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English Plus

AEGIS Accredited Guardianship Services

What We Do

We provide guardianship services for pupils of UK boarding school where the parents live abroad.

We offer guardianship services to support your child and so act as a link between parents and school. We keep in touch with our students, their family and the school on a regular basis and are on hand to help and support your child when needed.

Outside of school, we arrange comfortable local host families for exeats and short breaks.

AEGIS is the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students

English Plus Guardianship has achieved preliminary accreditation with AEGIS.

This means that we have demonstrated that we have met AEGIS standards for providing safe guardianship services and are a member of the AEGIS association; working together to safeguard the welfare of students at international schools in the UK. More information about AEGIS .

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What the AEGIS inspection team said about English Plus Guardianship

"Care is taken to ensure that the needs of the students under the organisations’ guardianship are fully understood and catered for. The importance of safeguarding is fully understood, and appropriate policies and procedures are in place to help keep students safe, including checks on homestays and the accommodation offered. The guardianship organisation acts as an important link between the home and school, helping with translation and communication. Staff respond to students requests in order that their time in the UK is as pleasant as possible, for example they have shopped for desired snacks for students during the pandemic, arranged haircuts and ensured that they have the correct uniform. They have responded efficiently to the added pressures caused by the pandemic, including arranging tests prior to taking flights home. English Plus Guardianship is found to meet the AEGIS requirements and they are warmly welcomed as Preliminary Members."

English Plus

Our Services

  • Acting as an advocate for your child, making sure they are well settled at school and representing you at school meetings etc.
  • Peace of mind to know that there is always someone there for your child who is local, knows the school and your child, and will keep you updated on your child’s progress and welfare.
  • Emergency assistance during term time, exeats and the short holidays including assistance with medical care.
  • In case of suspension or other issues requiring your child to leave the boarding accommodation, we will make appropriate provision including transport and host family accommodation.
  • Transportation to / from school during exeats and holidays, airport transfers, visits to families etc. as needed.
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Our Prices

Wrap around guardianship services, per term.£500
Additional ServicesPrice
Overnight stay with local host family including all meals.£35/night.
Transport to/from homestay.£20 each way.
Airport tranfer each way – Liverpool or Manchester£106-£150
English Plus


Contact Us

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Contact Details

07958 539 922


17 Clos St Ffransis, Prestatyn, North Wales, LL19 8AQ